How to Get Anyone to Call You Back

How to Get Anyone to Call You Back – Have you ever wondered why someone didn’t return your phone call? It might be because you didn’t leave a clear and persuasive message.

DON’T wait until you hear the “beep” to think of what you are going to say in your message. DO prepare your message in advance. Think about what you want and be ready to state your purpose in a sentence or two. DON’T leave a message without giving your phone number, even if you think the person has it.

DO leave an enthusiastic message with your name and phone number, and repeat your phone number a second time to give the person an opportunity to get a pen and/or re-check the number. It is also helpful to state the best time for you to be reached.

Here’s an example of a persuasive message: “Hello, this is Laurie Puhn from Laurie Puhn Communications. I’m calling to find out whether you received the material I sent you last week. It’s Thursday morning and the best time to reach me today is before 3pm. Please call me at 516-773-0303. Again, that’s 516-773-0303. Thank you.”…