Laurie Puhn

Laurie has a Bachelors Degree and a Law Degree from Harvard University. She specializes in Couples Mediation to Stay Together and regularly meets with couples and individuals in her private practice to help them establish new communication habits that will quickly end conflict and re-energize their relationship.

Author: Erika Hernandez

How to Get Anyone to Call You Back

How to Get Anyone to Call You Back – Have you ever wondered why someone didn’t return your phone call? It might be because you didn’t leave a clear and persuasive message.

DON’T wait until you hear the “beep” to think of what you are going to say in your message. DO prepare your message in advance. Think about what you want and be ready to state your purpose in a sentence or two. DON’T leave a message without giving your phone number, even if you think the person has it.

DO leave an enthusiastic message with your name and phone number, and repeat your phone number a second time to give the person an opportunity to get a pen and/or re-check the number. It is also helpful to state the best time for you to be reached.

Here’s an example of a persuasive message: “Hello, this is Laurie Puhn from Laurie Puhn Communications. I’m calling to find out whether you received the material I sent you last week. It’s Thursday morning and the best time to reach me today is before 3pm. Please call me at 516-773-0303. Again, that’s 516-773-0303. Thank you.”…

7 Biggest Blunders: How many do YOU commit?

7 Biggest Blunders: How many do YOU commit? – Avoid The 7 Verbal Blunders Couples Commit

Roll away the Fights, Ring in the Cheer!

“Everyone commits communication blunders” says communication expert Laurie Puhn, J.D. Sadly, these often unintentional blunders lead us straight to blow-up arguments with our special someone.

Discover your communication blunders! Fess-up and learn to say the right words at the right time this season.

The 7 Biggest Blunders – How many do YOU commit?

Blunder #1. Loose Lips
If your honey demands to know, “Why did you tell them that about me?”
then you’re guilty of airing your mate’s dirty laundry.

Blunder #2. Engaging in Silent Nights
If your sweetie exclaims, “You never listen to me!”
then you’re guilty of being uninvolved and non-responsive in conversations.

Blunder #3. Kitchen Sink Talking
If your honey announces, “You always bring up the past.”
then you’re guilty of turning a molehill into a mountain.

Blunder #4. Displaying the “Whatever” Attitude
If your mate shouts, “Don’t you have an opinion?”
then you’re guilty of taking a backseat in your relationship.

Blunder #5. My Way or the Highway Thinking
If your darling asks, “Why does it always have to be your way?”
then you’re guilty of dismissing your mate’s opinions.

Blunder #6. Exhibiting Priority Mix-up
If your sweetie exclaims, “You put lots of things first, what about me?”
then you’re guilty of taking your mate for granted.

Blunder #7. You Don’t Stop to Smell the Roses
If your mate begs, “Can’t you ever be happy with anything?”
then you’re guilty of being a fault-finder.…

How to Listen… so People Want to Talk to You

How to Listen… so People Want to Talk to You – “You never listen to me!” Do you recognize this phrase?

Perhaps someone has said it to you and you responded with, “What do you mean? You’re talking to me and I’m looking right at you. Of course I hear you!”

“But I feel like I’m talking to the wall,” the person responds.

Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

Hearing is not listening.

We hear birds chirping, we hear traffic in the street, but we don’t listen to and respond to these sounds. Listening requires indications of interest with “key comments” to encourage the person to share more. While hearing is inactive and only requires your ears, listening is active and requires your ears, your mind and your mouth.

Use these 3 “key comments” to become a powerful active listener:

1) Reflect emotions: Your friend says, “I am so mad at Julie. She never follows through on her word!” Instead of saying nothing, you should respond with a non-judgmental comment like “I can understand how that would make you mad.” The result: Your key comment lets your friend know that you are listening and you understand how she feels. In turn, she calms down and feels comfortable confiding in you, her friend.

2) Summarize: Your spouse tells you about the many things he or she did that day at the office or at home. Instead of remaining silent, you should summarize what he/she said. For example, “You sure did a lot today. From meeting with our son’s teacher, to giving that presentation at work, it’s amazing how much you accomplish.” The result: Your spouse knows that you are listening to him/her and he/she is important to you.

3) Ask Open-ended Questions: Anytime you are in conversation with your spouse, child, friend or colleague, ask open-ended questions to motivate the person to open up and talk. Open-ended questions are: what? why? and how? For instance, you might say, “When you say [topic], what do you mean? The result: Open-ended questions show that you are interested and want to learn more.

“A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something.”
-Wilson Mizner (1876-1933)
(US Screenwriter)…

Dating Deal Breakers & Makers: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Dating Deal Breakers & Makers: 5 Do’s and Don’ts – Have you ever been on a date with someone and mistakenly thought you both had a great time?  You were expecting a second date… but it didn’t happen.  You wondered “What did I do wrong?”  You wanted to ask this person what happened, but then you thought better of it.  Well, now I’ll give you the straight-talk answers you’re looking for… 

 1.         Don’t Turn Your Date Into a Therapy Session

Leave your skeletons in the closet and your ex’s in the past.  Even if you think you’re being open and honest, don’t talk about your dysfunctional family, your trust issues, your bad break-up or anything you’d tell a therapist, until you’ve been on at least 3 dates.

In the beginning, do talk about your hobbies and interests.

 2.      Don’t Display Verbal Diarrhea.

It takes two to tango.  Don’t be a “I” person who starts every sentence with “I” – I went here, I went there, I went up, I went down, I went in, I went out…

Forget the monologue and do have a dialogue.  Ask your date questions and listen to the answers.

 3.      Don’t be a Techno-Pest.

Leave the technology in your pocket.  Using your phone or texting during a date sends the instant message to the person sitting beside you – “You are not my priority.  I don’t care about you.”  

Do be respectful and put your phone on silent before the date.

4.         Don’t be a Whiner.

We all have problems, we don’t need anymore.  Don’t complain about your boss from hell, your horrible neighbor, your teeth pain or how hard it is to make ends meet.  

Do talk positively about the things that make you happy.

 5.         Don’t Forget the Little Things.

Don’t be late.
Don’t be early.
Do reconfirm your date in advance.
Do be polite to the waiters and busboys.
Do dress well.
Don’t forget to thank your date.
Do reinforce your date’s polite behavior by saying “Thank you for calling to confirm the date in advance” or “Thank you for asking me what type of food I’d like before you picked the restaurant.”…

Love and Like Your Spouse

Love and Like Your Spouse

Love and Like Your Spouse – “I love my husband, but I don’t like him.”

That’s a comment I often hear in my couples mediation practice. Over the years, I discovered something: Many people are nicer to acquaintances than they are to their spouses.

We are our best selves early in our relationship. We show each other empathy, respect and patience. As time passes, we expect those things from our partner, but we tend to deliver them less. Use of the words “thank you” and “please” become sparse, replaced by comments like “You have to…” and “Why didn’t you…,” which are set-up comments for a fight.

So how do we keep the liking and loving feelings alive and strong?

Consider this: Most relationship problems couples face are not

people problems, they are communication problems.

We can all expect to face obstacles and challenges in life such as a new baby, a family illness or a job loss. But the distinction between whether our relationship crumbles or survives over time depends on the words and acts we choose on a daily basis to connect or disconnect from our partner. Our words should infuse values of respect, appreciation, intimacy and cooperation, one conversation at a time. Because communication and conflict resolution skills are learned, there is opportunity for all of us to improve our marriages.

To reach couples nationwide I partnered with Family Dynamics Institute to create the educational Online Virtual Fight Less, Love More course for couples based on my bestselling book “Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In.” Using the latest technology, this evidence-based course is the first of its kind to enable couples to meet in a small group with the course leader in the Online Virtual Classroom where they seehear and interact with each other. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection, on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

While this 9 week, 1 hour per week step-by-step course gives you the tools to avoid and reduce conflict, and increase the appreciation, respect and intimacy in your relationship , here are a few tips you can use today to superglue your relationship.


  • Maintain a Positive Daily Communication Routine

Every couple has a communication routine. What’s yours? Kind or Rude? Either way, you and your mate can easily upgrade your daily routine: 1) Say “good morning,” cheerfully, not “You have to…,” and before you go to sleep always say “good night.” 2) When you return at the end of the workday, say “hello” and give your mate a warm hug or kiss. Don’t head for the mail, your cell phone or computer. 3) Thank your mate for something big or small every day, such as emptying the garbage, putting the kids to bed or working hard to provide for your family. Lastly, 4) say “I love you because…” and fill in the blank with something thoughtful that your mate did that day such as calling/texting you to find out how your meeting or doctor’s appointment went.

  • Pay Your Mate

Give the priceless gift of words. When you’re in a loving relationship you take on the job responsibility of being your mate’s head cheerleader, and if you aren’t fulfilling that role, you’re leaving a job opening for someone else. How exactly do you cheerlead? We did a Fight Less, Love More study and found that when we asked people whether they’d prefer their mate compliment them for being good-looking or for being kind, 84% of people chose kind. Our character is a key part of what brought us together and it’s the glue that keeps us together. Today, find a positive character quality (like being generous, thoughtful, or compassionate) and voice it.

  • Have Good Fights

Happy couples do fight. Research indicates that the average couple fights twice a week. The goal is to have a good fight that reaches a solution, not a bad fight that is never-ending. How do you have a good fight? Don’t make assumptions. Instead, ask neutral questions “why do you think that?” and listen to the answers, then give your opinion. Partner up to create with a solution together . The fact is, when all parties participate in creating a resolution, they are more likely to comply.

  • Seek Instant Gratification

Yes, be rewarded today! Most couple’s counseling is a long-term process, but the simple strategies found in the Fight Less, Love More book and course give you the communication tools to immediately fix and enrich your relationship. Want to jumpstart love today? Then try one of my 30-Second Love Plays, the Eyeball to Eyeball Love Play. Gently put your hand on your mate’s shoulder, look him/her in the eye and say something like, “Honey, I really love you. I am grateful to have you in my life.”

By changing our thinking and our words today, we won’t want to change our partner tomorrow.…

5 Ways to Say “I Love You”

5 Ways to Say “I Love You”Want to be an irresistible mate this Spring?

You can make it happen!

Learn 5 new ways to say I love you in 30 seconds or less. You will grow the relationship you want, easier than you ever dreamed possible.

30-Second Love Tips

1. Use “Follow Up” Bonds
When your mate tells you about something that’s going to happen that day, whether it’s a meeting, a doctor’s appointment, or taking your son or daughter to a soccer game, always make it a top priority to ask your mate, “How did it go?” By following up you are saying, you matter to me and I love you.

2. Bestow “Focused” Talk
If you and your mate are away from each other during the day and you are busy but have access to e-mail or text messaging, take 30 seconds to send a romantic note saying, “Just thinking about you,”  “How’s your day going?” or “Looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

3. Offer “Pitch-in” Connectors
Volunteering to help your mate with tasks (like those in the kitchen or child care) even when you are busy, tired or overwhelmed yourself is another powerful way to say, “I love you.  You are special to me and I care about you.”

4. Display “Face-to-Face” Expressions
As love becomes a permanent fixture in our life, we often take it for granted. Don’t ignore your mate. Routinely say hello and goodbye to each other and engage in one sentence face-to-face expressions of love such as “I love our life together,” “You’re a great mother/father,” or “Your were so kind to do that for me.”

5. Exhibit ”Touch and Go” Contact
When you and your mate arrive home how much time passes before you touch each other or offer a quick hug or kiss? When you and your mate are together, whether you are watching TV, emptying the dishwasher or reading, take 30 seconds to reach out to each other.  This quick touch says, “I see you.  I hear you. I love you.”…

Fight Less, Love More The Course

Fight Less, Love More The Course

Course Testimonials

“The course got to the root of our problems and we didn’t need hours and months of counseling to solve them. All we needed was the Fight Less, Love More Course . 

The online virtual format  felt like all the couples and course leader were in one room together.

It was great and we didn’t have to leave our home. Taking this course was one of the best things we ever did for our marriage!” 
– John and Melissa N., Coloma, MI

” We have seen the results, now anytime we disagree on something we have a way to discuss it that brings results not frustration. A great class.”
– Meredith and Tom, KS

“This class was amazing! It gave us the chance to openly acknowledge and confront actual situations that we have with each other in a way that gives respect. We’ve been married for twenty three years but every couple, however long they’ve been married, should learn the concepts that this class offers. It would be great for engaged couples too. Thank you Family Dynamics and Laurie Puhn for such an amazing class.”
– Dawn and Steve, OK

“This class really did help us to fight less and love more. It was great to learn the different kinds of conversations and have examples of them to read and learn from. Then to try them out and see how well they worked is helping my husband and I in a number of ways. Thanks it is a great class!”
– Wendy and Mike, OH

“We think this is a perfect starter class for your marriage, we wish we had learned these conversation styles before we were married, would have stopped a lot of stupid arguments. It was an easy and actually fun course to take.”
– Marty and Lynn, TX

Course Description

Bestselling author, Harvard lawyer and couples mediator Laurie Puhn of Laurie Puhn Communications, in partnership with the non-profit Marriage Dynamics Institute, bring you powerful communication and conflict resolution tools in the Fight Less, Love More Course. Based on her book Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In, this nationwide course teaches couples the vital skills needed to grow lasting love. In each of the nine one-hour classes, you will experience the benefit of using the 5-Minute Conversations to avoid and reduce conflict, increase appreciation, intimacy and respect, give a perfect apology and create a personalized daily communication routine that will keep your marriage strong and healthy for a lifetime. Whether you are a couple who wants to enrich your marriage, or are engaged to be married, or seeking to keep love alive, this step-by-step course is perfect for you.

Class Session Topics Include:

  • Tame Rudeness & Inspire Appreciation
  • Be More Lovable & Criticize with Influence
  • Short-Circuit Arguments & How to Have a Good Fight
  • Kick Start Intimacy & Deter Cheating
  • Control Overreactions & Negotiate for Love
  • Reject Stubbornness & Disarm the Know-it-All
  • Keep It Confidential & Awaken Your Silent Mate
  • Orchestrate the Perfect Apology & Be Optimistic

How the Course Works:

Guided Resources: Fight Less, Love More Leader book, Student Workbooks and DVD. Utilizing these resources with a facilitator, which can be YOU learning the material for the first time, couples examine communication problems and hidden patterns of interaction while learning new concepts about relationships and specific conflict resolution and verbal skills to enhance love, respect, appreciation, compassion and intimacy.

Guided Activities: Each week, couples complete a series of assignments that reinforce the lesson learned the week before and introduce new concepts for the week ahead. In class, couples practice using the new verbal skills in 5-minute conversations and receive positive feedback from peers.

Guided Questions: Weekly, the group meets to discuss and apply the skills taught in that week’s lesson. Throughout the course, the group helps reinforce new verbal skills and support the growth of all the couples.

Guided Group Interaction: Through interacting with other couples who are learning and challenging themselves too, a unique support and accountability system occurs. The varying personalities and life experiences of the group creates stimulating discussions and an encouraging environment for change. By the end of the course, you and your spouse have come together to create a new, more fulfilling way of living, loving and understanding each other. You now have the skills to fight less and love more every day.…

Fight Less, Love More newly released in audiobookas it hits its 13th Printing in Paperback!

Fight Less, Love More newly released in audiobookas it hits its 13th Printing in Paperback!

Publisher’s Weekly Rave Review
Fight Less, Love More: 5-Minute Conversations to Change Your Relationship without Blowing Up or Giving In
Laurie Puhn, Rodale, $24.99 (256p) ISBN 9781605295985 

As a Harvard-trained family and divorce lawyer and couples mediator, Puhn is extremely well qualified to speak to communication difficulties in relationships.

In this book, she outlines tactics to improve communication, avoid unhealthy behaviors, and better appreciate your partner that are simple to implement, remarkably effective, and will benefit couples in relationships troubled and healthy alike.

With advice that is nonjudgmental, extremely efficient, and clearly understandable, Puhn covers all aspects of romantic relationships, from problems like infidelity to boundaries giving couples of every strip something of benefit.

Sections, chapters, and goals are clearly delineated and well positioned, with research bubbles (adultery is often a consequence of believing that one’s marriage is already in trouble) and quotes from the familiar (Oprah) to the refreshing (Churchill) make for a light, easy read.

Eschewing frustrating vagaries, sweeping generalizations, and gender-based assumptions, Puhn’s extremely specific guide focuses on simple, rational solutions that primarily revolve around maintaining respect for one’s partner.

Readers will gain a great deal from her contribution to the genre.

Praise From The Nation’s Top Experts:

Most everyone I know would be willing to invest 5 minutes a day to improve their relationship. 

Laurie Puhn shows us how to use those few minutes to build lasting love. I highly recommend Fight Less, Love More.
-Gary Chapman, Ph.D, New York Times Bestselling author of The Five Love Languages

“Women and men may be from different planets, but Laurie Puhn’s insightful advice will show them how to speak the same language and create a relationship of mutual respect and support. 

Fight Less Love More makes the considerable task of improving your relationship astonishingly simple, and gives couples the tools they need to create their own happiness.”
 John Gray, New York Times Bestselling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

“Laurie Puhn offers a no-frills book about how to have a great relationship. 

Fight Less, Love More  contains brilliant and precise advice; the underlying implication being that healthy, loving couples are sane and smart–a sentiment that shines through on every page of clear, sensible information .

I would recommend it as required reading for any couple.”

-Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. New York Times Bestselling author of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

“Perhaps no conflict is more problematic for more people than that between partners and spouses.  

In this practical handbook, Laurie Puhn offers sound and pithy advice for today’s time-pressed couples on how to deal with their differences in a smart and kind manner.”

William Ury, New York Times Bestselling Co-author of Getting to Yes and author of The Power of a Positive No. Co-founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project

The Books: Fight Less, Love More & Instant Persuasion
Publishers Weekly gives Fight Less, Love More a Rave Review!

Fight Less, Love More hits #1 in 2012 on Amazon’s list
of 100 top selling books in love and relationships

The Paperback Edition of Fight Less, Love More will be released in September 2012 to accompany the hardcover and e-book editions.

Foreign rights have been sold for both books

Fight Less, Love More is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Book Page selects Fight Less, Love More as a “Top Lifestyle Book Pick”

Instant Persuasion was nominated for Best Motivational Book by
the Better Life Awards

Starbucks features Fight Less, Love More in stores

Army and Air Force turn to Fight Less, Love More, which is now
sold in many exchanges (AAFES) across the world

Order the National Bestseller Now!

Amazon | Barnes&Noble

**For Bulk Orders at Discount Prices: Contact Ellen (516) 773-0303**

Fight Less, Love More Description

Harvard-trained lawyer and family and divorce mediator Laurie Puhn shows busy couples how to stop fighting and start communicating.

It happens every day—a simple exchange or harmless response turns into a heated debate or worse, an all-out battle. Hard-pressed for quality time with our partners and spouses, it’s easy to fall into a poor communication routine. How can two people who love one another so much have such difficulty talking to one another?

Drawing on her expertise in legal mediation and conflict resolution, Laurie Puhn’s fresh approach gives simple, 5-minute conversations that will instantly improve communication—as well as the quality of relationships.

In Fight Less, Love More, learn how to identify and conquer the poor verbal habits, instinctive responses, and emotional reasoning that can cloud judgment and ultimately lead to the deterioration of otherwise healthy relationships.

Love is conditional, argues Puhn, and for love to survive, couples don’t need to talk more—they need to talk better. With exercises, examples, and sample scripts, Puhn’s simple 5-minute strategies promise immediate results and provide long-lasting communication skills that couples can confidently employ when faced with future conflict.…

Laurie in the Media

Laurie in the Media

Laurie in the Media


Laurie Puhn is a recognized Harvard expert in relationship communications, family law and couples mediation. She provides regular commentary for media outlets on hot topics, celebrity divorce and child custody cases and contemporary relationship trends.


Laurie Puhn is an experienced spokesperson. She represented T-Mobile in the media for multiple marketing campaigns. Ms. Puhn represented ViaCord(r) of PerkinElmer as their relationship expert for which she authored their community blog. She is available to be a spokesperson or relationship communications expert for a company whose corporate culture embraces respect and dignity for all.


As the former host of the weekly TV show “i on New York with Laurie Puhn” on WPXN-IONTV, Laurie is experienced at interviewing notable celebrities, politicians, corporate CEO’s and community leaders. You can enrich the quality of your event with Laurie as your host.
View the short TV clip of Laurie’s interviews with Cheryl Ladd,  Carson Kressley, Congressman Charles Rangel and others.
Recently, Laurie hosted the annual Bryant Park, Word for Word Event in New York where she interviewed William Bratton, former New York Police Commissioner and Zach Tumin of Harvard Kennedy School, authors of the new book “Collaborate or Perish.”

Newsflash: New York Times features Laurie’s commentary on

“When ‘for Richer, for Poorer’ is Put to the Test”

Recent Media Appearances:

On TV: “Live from the Couch” WLNY/CBS. Laurie shares tips from Fight Less,
Love More and how to change your relationship in 5 minutes.

On TV: “Fox and Friends.” Laurie discussed the ongoing debate about work/life
balance and whether women can have it all.

On TV: The Bill Cunningham Show. “Quit Cheating or We’re Through!”
Nationally syndicated.

On TV & Radio: “Imus in the Morning.” Laurie is a regular guest on Imus. She often discusses men and

On Radio: “Religion on the Line.” Laurie discussed how to make a
relationship work. Listen online here (for quick access, Laurie’s segment
hits at 34 minutes into the program).

On Radio: Sirius Doctor Radio

On Radio: Martha Stewart Living

In Print: Cosmopolitan (Dec. issue) interviews Laurie for a revealing
holiday article.

In Print: Women’s Health Magazine (Nov. issue) interviews Laurie about how couples
can stop fighting, now!…

Clients and Events

Clients and Events

Clients and Events


– American College of Physician Executives
– Astoria Federal Savings Bank
– AXA Financial
– BAE Systems
– Babson College Center for Women’s Leadership
– Board of Cooperative Educational Services
– Book Expo America
– Beth Israel Medical Center
– Colliers International
– Commercial Food Equipment & Service Assocation
– Commercial Real Estate Women
– Commonwealth Club
– Craft and Hobby Association
– Creative Memories, Inc.
– Elizabethtown College Family BusinessCenter
– eWomenNetwork
– Executive Women International
– Entrepreneurs Organization
– George Little Management
– Glaxo Pharmaceuticals
– Georgia Association of Realtors
– Great Neck Chamber of Commerce
– Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce
– Harvard Alumni Club of New York
– Harvard Alumni Club of San Francisco
– Holland & Knight, LLP
– Institute for Student Achievement
– International Association of Business Communicators
– Long Island Board of Realtors
– Lord & Taylor Department Stores
– Manhattan Midtown Community Court- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
– Merrill Lynch
– Michigan Association of Realtors
– Multiple Sclerosis Society
– Nassau County Athletic Administrators
– Nassau County Principals Association
– Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council
– National Association of Broadcasters
– National Association of Women Business Owners
– National Association of Female Executives
– New Jersey Association of Realtors
– New York Magazine
– New York State Association of Realtors
– New York State Council of Administrators
– North Virginia Association of Realtors
– 92nd Street Y
– Penguin Group (USA)
– Pennsylvania Association of Realtors
– Portland General Electric Company
– Providence Public Library
– Prudential Real Estate
– Sigma Delta Tau Leadership School
– State Bank of Long Island
– T-Mobile
– UMass Family Business Center
– Vinings Club
– Verizon
– Women in Cable and Telecommunications
– Yeshiva University
– Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization
– Young President’s Organization


Bloomingdale’s Wedding Registry and Laurie Puhn Hosted a Free Bridal Brunch Party

Engaged couples enjoyed an elegant brunch as Laurie shared the secret to Fight Less and Love More.

“Color Your Love” Couples Weekend Retreat

Featuring Laurie Puhn leading her Fight Less, Love More program Lodge at Woodloch

Yahoo Shine! Partners with Laurie

Yahoo interviews Laurie in a video featuring “Fight Less, Love More” Tips for Relationship Success

“Word-for-Word” Bryant Park Author Event

Laurie hosted the event in NYC where she interviewed William Bratton, NY Police Commissioner and Zach Tumin of Harvard Kennedy School, authors of “Collaborate or Perish.”

National Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Summer Soiree Luncheon 2012

Laurie Puhn was the Keynote Speaker at this event at the Fresh Meadow Country Club in Great Neck, NY.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster County Estate Planning Council Lancaster Country Club Keynote

On-line Lovin’ Live Chat with Laurie Puhn

Sponsored by GenConnect Registrants learned how to spice up their relationship in minutes!

Princeton, New Jersey

Jewish Federation of Princeton
Women’s Spring Luncheon
Greenacres Country Club
Keynote by Laurie Puhn

Portland, Oregon
Portland General Electric presents:
Fight Less, Love More with Laurie Puhn
World Trade Center

New York, New York
More Magazine
Reinvention Convention Presents: Reinvent Your Relationship with speaker Laurie Puhn
Chelsea Piers

Boston, Massachusetts
Harvard Club of Boston Presents:
Author Series with Laurie Puhn
Reception, Presentation and Signing

New Canaan, Connecticut
New Canaan Library presents:
Fight Less Love More
with speaker Laurie Puhn

Woodbury, New York
Action Long Island presents:
Laurie Puhn, Keynote Speaker at
“Ladies’ Night Out:
Health & High Fashion”
Crest Hollow Country Club

Great Neck, New York
Temple Emanuel of
Great Neck Presents:
Fight Less, Love More with Laurie Puhn

Needham, Massachusetts
Creative Movement and Arts Center
Bright Horizons presents:
Fight Less, Love More
with Laurie Puhn

New York, New York
Big City Moms presents:
Fight Less, Love More
with Laurie Puhn
Kidville, Upper East Side

Indianapolis, Indiana
Bebe Paluzza Productions presents:
Fight Less, Love More Event
with speaker Laurie Puhn
Indiana Fairgrounds

Brooklyn (Park Slope), New York
The Pregnant New Yorker presents:
Fight Less, Love More with Laurie Puhn

Oceanside, New York
Parenting Resource Network and Long Island Parent Magazine present:
Fight Less, Love More with Laurie Puhn
Friedberg JCC Oceanside, NY…

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