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Laurie has a Bachelors Degree and a Law Degree from Harvard University. She specializes in Couples Mediation to Stay Together and regularly meets with couples and individuals in her private practice to help them establish new communication habits that will quickly end conflict and re-energize their relationship.

7 Biggest Blunders: How many do YOU commit?

7 Biggest Blunders: How many do YOU commit? – Avoid The 7 Verbal Blunders Couples Commit

Roll away the Fights, Ring in the Cheer!

“Everyone commits communication blunders” says communication expert Laurie Puhn, J.D. Sadly, these often unintentional blunders lead us straight to blow-up arguments with our special someone.

Discover your communication blunders! Fess-up and learn to say the right words at the right time this season.

The 7 Biggest Blunders – How many do YOU commit?

Blunder #1. Loose Lips
If your honey demands to know, “Why did you tell them that about me?”
then you’re guilty of airing your mate’s dirty laundry.

Blunder #2. Engaging in Silent Nights
If your sweetie exclaims, “You never listen to me!”
then you’re guilty of being uninvolved and non-responsive in conversations.

Blunder #3. Kitchen Sink Talking
If your honey announces, “You always bring up the past.”
then you’re guilty of turning a molehill into a mountain.

Blunder #4. Displaying the “Whatever” Attitude
If your mate shouts, “Don’t you have an opinion?”
then you’re guilty of taking a backseat in your relationship.

Blunder #5. My Way or the Highway Thinking
If your darling asks, “Why does it always have to be your way?”
then you’re guilty of dismissing your mate’s opinions.

Blunder #6. Exhibiting Priority Mix-up
If your sweetie exclaims, “You put lots of things first, what about me?”
then you’re guilty of taking your mate for granted.

Blunder #7. You Don’t Stop to Smell the Roses
If your mate begs, “Can’t you ever be happy with anything?”
then you’re guilty of being a fault-finder.

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